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Today's Date 07/18/24
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Not-for-Profit Support | Resource Guide


In uncertain times, strategy is at once top of mind and the first thing to fall through the cracks. Ensure you’re making informed decisions by allowing the plans you had in place previously to center you while you attempt to remain responsive, agile and flexible under unusual circumstances. The following resources may be helpful in this effort.


Whether interacting with stakeholders, board members, or constituents, staying connected to your community likely feels challenging right now amidst constant news regarding the crisis. Consider this an opportunity to provide timely, relevant, and accurate information, however that relates to your effort:


It is all of our responsibilities to encourage first responders, essential workers, and other providers taking on a greater burden of care to find solace so they can return to their work day in and day out.

This page was updated on May 22, 2020. Grace Farms Foundation will update these resources on a regular basis until we can reconvene again in person with our space grant partners and visitors.


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