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Thu 03/22

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Fighting Human Trafficking in Conflict

Justice Initiative Overview | Eradicating Child Exploitation

Justice Initiative Launch | Eradicating Child Trafficking


In November 2015, Grace Farms Foundation, under the leadership of its Justice Initiative Director and General Counsel, Krishna Patel, brought together experts from the public and private sectors to identify innovative techniques to eradicate child exploitation that could be replicated in communities across the country. During the workshop, participants laid the groundwork for new legislation, training, and increased awareness to help abolish this brutal and widespread, yet preventable, crime. The workshop also provided the policy resources necessary to fight child trafficking that occurs using the Internet through the development and deployment of effective big-data technologies. It identified tools for those who are on the frontlines and best positioned to disrupt the criminal networks that exploit children.

The meeting marked the launch of Grace Farms Foundation’s Justice Initiative, which has now expanded to include advocacy for policy and legislation; education and training; grants of space to not-for-profit social justice organizations; and collaborative workshops to generate results for social change. While no single group or governmental organization alone can provide a comprehensive response, a multi-faceted approach can help create integrated solutions. The Foundation recognizes that the root causes of trafficking can be interrupted when law enforcement and the private sector work together.

Justice Initiative Team

Krishna R. Patel

Krishna is an active strategist on initiatives to combat human trafficking on a global, national, and state level. In a distinguished legal career spanning more than two decades, she served in the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Connecticut from 2003 to 2015. Prior to joining Grace Farms Foundation Krishna served as the Deputy Chief of the National Security and Major Crimes Unit from 2010 to 2015.

Since joining the Foundation, Krishna has been at the center of organizing actions against human trafficking in Connecticut including helping to draft amendments to strengthen Connecticut’s existing anti-trafficking laws, which went into effect on May 17, 2016. She also leads innovative big data platform training sessions at Grace Farms for law enforcement to locate and apprehend traffickers and rescue survivors. Krishna has also worked with the private sector, academia, and government to create an innovate program that will provide a high level training to hotel and motel staff throughout Connecticut. On a national and international level, Krishna has worked with other recognized leaders and organizations to convene global experts to identify ways to combat human trafficking in conflict as well as to look at ways to create more transparency in global supply chains.

Rod Khattabi

Rod Khattabi serves as Director of Safety and Justice Initiative Advisor at Grace Farms Foundation. His work for the Foundation includes the monthly training of law enforcement to effectively use innovative big data software to find traffickers and survivors and educational programming for female teens and adults on how to reduce chances of becoming victims of assault.

Prior to joining Grace Farms Foundation, Mr. Khattabi oversaw the New Haven office in Connecticut with the Department of Homeland Security, Homeland Security Investigations (HSI). Mr. Khattabi has received numerous awards throughout his federal law enforcement career including the Medal of Valor for his heroic actions during the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Connecticut U.S. Attorney’s Award for Exceptional Contributions to Law Enforcement, and the Director’s award from the Department of Homeland Security.

Made in a Free World


Department of Children and Family Services

The International Institute of Connecticut

Love 146

Domestic Violence Crisis Center

Family ReEntry

Grace Farms Foundation is a member of Made in a Free World, and has been certified as an organization with a clean supply chain, free from connections to slave labor, and is advocating awareness of the presence of slave labor in global supply chains. Find out how to become a member of Made in a Free World and reduce your slavery footprint here.

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Polaris is a leader in the global fight to eradicate modern slavery. Named after the North Star that guided slaves to freedom in the U.S., Polaris systematically disrupts the human trafficking networks that rob human beings of their lives and their freedom. Donate here.

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The Department of Children and Families works together with families and communities for children who are healthy, safe, smart, and strong. For volunteer opportunities, contact Dayna R. Snell.

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The International Institute of Connecticut (IICONN) is a statewide not-for-profit human services agency that provides services to new immigrants and refugees in Connecticut to help them become self-sufficient, integrated and contributing members of the community. IICONN also provides special services to victims of serious crimes such as human trafficking, torture, and domestic violence. For more information about donations, contact Luke Sharples. For volunteer opportunities, contact Mentor Coordinator Helen DeKorne.

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Love146 is an international human rights organization working to end child trafficking and exploitation through survivor care, prevention education, professional training and empowering movement. Donate here. You can also join a Love146 Volunteer Team near you, or register a new Volunteer Team.

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The Domestic Violence Crisis Center provides confidential services at no charge to anyone who is a victim of domestic abuse or domestic violence. For volunteer opportunities, contact Allison Roach

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Family ReEntry’s mission is to develop, implement, and share innovative, sustainable, cost-effective solutions to the unprecedented numbers of people involved in the criminal justice system. For volunteer opportunities, email Jeffrey Earls, Director of Development, or call 203-290-0865.

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